Monday, 1 October 2012

Antique chess pieces and boards

Everybody who is a great chess lover knows the historical feel of the game and that this actually is war-middle age war. But if you play chess for the fun and the atmosphere rather than on a competitive scale with timers, then why its surely more interesting to play with beautiful and also antique pieces, on a matching board! Sure it makes it a bit harder to see, but much more fun I would say. Just gives the game a bit more "aroma" and you quickly get used to more interesting and/or detailed sets. But we can even use themes from other historical wars e.g the Anglo-Zulu/Boer war in South Africa or the historical American wars. I even like to go as far as playing with animal pieces on a natural themed board . We can also use different metal colored boards with mini motor parts or what ever theme you can think of.

Remember  an old chess computer game which had pieces of the different wars around the world witch you could choose from? But we don't really want to play with computers anyway. Look, I like to sit at at a table with a massive fancy board and beautiful matching pieces, and almost hear the horses galloping and the men screaming. I want to almost be able to smell the smoke and the dust as I look at my opponents eyes while they are holding it out.

This is by far the most intended way of playing real chess as opposed to hammering it out recklessly with timers. Imagine we could play a high-stake game in an ancient Babylonian or Persian setting, or Roman ages. Its the about the passion for the game ,and also, but not only about winning. Why don't you think about your wars of most interest or your specific style of playing and quickly buy or even have a look at all the antique and fancywancy chess sets that there are, I am sure anybody enjoys it so much more playing or let me say fighting it out with high ranked kings and queens and well educated bishops ,instead of some boring standard black and white board. 

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